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Jewish Food Experience

A Partnership Story that Stands Out

Julie Melnick and Jennie Kuperstein traversed parallel paths that took them from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to the DC area. They could not have foreseen how their lives and careers would become so intertwined, but clearly this is a partnership that was bashert (meant to be) from the very beginning.

Client: Shouk & Standout Public Relations


The Washington Post

Now on the menu in Columbia Heights: Indian street food

Like the name says, Bombay Street Food brings together the snacks and small dishes of the owner’s native Bombay (now known as Mumbai).

Client: Bombay Street Food

bombay new.jpg

Brightest Young Things


Perched on Park Road, it’s the only Indian game for at least a few blocks, making it stand out in a neighborhood known for having some of the best Filipino, Vietnamese and Laotian spots in the area. 

Client: Bombay Street Food



10 New Bars and Restaurants to Try Around DC.

The colorful 65-seat space in Columbia Heights dishes up fiery vindaloo, Indo-Chinese eats like chili chicken, and street snacks such as vada pav (AKA the “Bombay burger”). Tame down the heat with Mumbai chai.

Client: Bombay Street Food

shouk man.jpg

Washington DC Eater

Shouk Adds Falafel to Its World-Saving Mission

The idea behind the chain was to create a subversive, plant-based menu that was good enough to convince customers to eat less meat just by virtue of showing up. 

Client: Shouk


DC Refined

5 surprising spots to get awesome burgers

You expect to find burgers on the menu at steakhouses, diners and bars. But there are plenty of places where one would be an anomaly. 

Client: Shouk


Brightest Young Things


The recipe for these bad boys may be a secret, but the taste is not. Crunchy and earthy and with the depth of flavor of dozens of herbs and spices, it is, as we described, the falafel that shouk D.C. 

Client: Shouk


Washington City Paper

Same Song Different Tuna: Poké Papa to Expand in D.C. and Bethesda

If you're all about the idea that more is more, there are newfangled fast-casual poke shops like Poké Papa that allow patrons to customize bowls so they're brimming with rice, fish, seaweed salad, pineapple, mango, edamame, crab salad, and an array of sauces.

Client: Poké Papa


Washington Post

Summer cocktails can be boring. Here’s where to find refreshing twists on classic drinks.

Truxton Inn’s JFK on Vacay reimagines the daiquiri with a grassier, funkier body, thanks to rhum agricole, and a richer sweetness from pineapple liqueur and passion fruit. A dehydrated lime garnish adds visual and olfactory interest. Settle into a leather chair and enjoy.

Client: Truxton Inn


WJLA Lets Talk Live

DMV Meal Prep Service

If you're busy and on the go but still want to eat healthy we might have the solution for you! "Healthy Fresh Meals" is an affordable , pre-cooked meal service that does not require a subscription. Shana Greenbaum and Luba Hansen joined us today to tell us more about the meal prep delivery service.

Client: Fresh Healthy Meals


DC Refined

6 reasons why you should plan a staycation in Rockville

Okay, let’s be real .. we are all here for the food, right? There are endless choices but some of my favorite stops are noted here…Akira Ramen and Izakaya, which has delicious ramen and a fantastic soba noodle set that is perfect for the dog days of summer. 

 Client: Akira Ramen


Washington City Paper

The Food Issue: Eat Your Feelings

When you order a dish called the Meat Mountain, you expect to be impressed. Weighing in at three pounds, this prodigious pile of protein for two people does just that. “This gives you a chance to try a little of everything we do,” says Chef Raynold Mendizabal. There’s something for every carnivore.

Client: Urban Butcher


Brightest Young Things

Take a Boozy Tropical Vacation at Barrel’s Politiki

Too broke to go on vacation, but still want to grab those sweet tropical ‘grams to highlight your new summer aesthetic? Instead of going into credit card debt to fly to the Caribbean, hop on the Orange / Blue / Silver Line (which will cost you more than enough money and dignity anyway) and step into PoliTiki, AKA Barrel's basement bar, where the slushee machines are always running and the jerk chicken flows like water.

Client: Barrel


DC Refined

12 D.C. restaurants serving up cauliflower in unique ways

"Yes, it’s a chain concept but I think we can all agree that fast casual is on fire right now. Roti is keeping things interesting with new additions to the menu- the cauliflower quinoa tabbouleh is offered as a topping, and is bright and fresh and good enough that it’s tempting to use this as the base instead!"

Client: Roti


The Washington Post

This new restaurant is serving up an unlikely combination: Nordic and Southern cuisine

"Johnson is already pegging his buttered veal sweetbreads, served with bearnaise custard, sweet onions, black truffle and a veal reduction, as a likely contender for his signature dish, along with the rib-eye that's adorned with Maryland crab cooked in cream and butter and also topped with black truffle."

Client: Honeysuckle

honeysuckle 2.jpg

Home and Design

Indulgences: Food

"Honeysuckle, a new hot spot, has opened in the space occupied by the now-shuttered Vidalia. At the helm is Hamilton Johnson, Vidalia’s former executive chef—a  South Carolina native who elevates “low country” ingredients into sublime creations such as lamb tartare with pickled porcini (left) and seared sea scallops with squash fondue (right). Ron Saleh designed the interiors, which feature a bar (above) with a communal table crafted of reclaimed South Carolina oak and a mural by DC artist Rick Bach that pays homage to Johnson’s many tattoos."

Client: Honeysuckle


Washington City Paper 

Underserved: Woodward Table's Papal Blessing

"Papal Blessing, with G. Bertagnolli Grappa di Amarone, Tito’s Vodka, blackcurrant and rosemary shrub, lime juice, demerara sugar, and a rosemary sprig."

 Client: Woodward Table



Planning the perfect picnic with Woodward Table

"Woodward Table Chef Jeffrey Buben shows Meaghan some of his favorite snack and meal ideas for outdoor picnic season."

Client: Woodward Table



20 Must-Try Summer Eats & Drinks in DC

"Yes, there’s a six-step ordering process that starts with choosing the size of your bowl and ends with a trip to the crunchy sprinkles station by the soda machine for items like furikake and tempura crunch — but this is Washington, DC, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Fast-casual Hawaiian poke is right up our alley, and the folks guiding you through the line are also extremely helpful when it comes to choosing the best toppings for your cool cubes of marinated tuna and rice."

Client: Poke Papa



Garlic Ahi Poke with Poke Papa

"Kristin learns all about poke with Chef Kerry Chow from Poke Papa in Penn Quarter; they specialize in Hawaiian inspired Poke bowls."

Client: Poke Papa



First Look: The Folks Behind Farmbird On H St. Really, Really Love Chicken

“Our goal is to change the way people think about chicken by combining the rare pleasure of thoughtfully sourced and carefully prepared chicken with bold flavors.”

Client: Farmbird


The Washington Post

Gourmet chicken at fast-casual prices

"After dining several times at Farmbird — the fast-casual on H Street NE that Koslow launched in June with another college bud and catering partner, Andrew Harris — I feel as if Washingtonians owe a huge debt of gratitude to Matt Isabel. Koslow’s work in that cramped New York apartment has led to the methods now used at Farmbird, which sells some of the finest bird meat this side of chef Frank Ruta’s roast chicken."

Client: Farmbird



5 Tiki Pop-Up Bars You Need to Try This Summer

"Shaw’s new hotel-inspired bar is going tiki for July and August, with a cooling menu of drinks from barman Brian Nixon (and a little tiki-kitsch decor to offset the vintage lobby bar feel). Drinkers can pick between classics like mai tais or crafty riffs such as the Aloha Shirt with rum, amaro, Cotton & Red allspice dram, and house-made coconut cream."

Client: Truxton Inn


The Wall Street Journal

Fine Dining Without Reservations

“Healthy eating doesn't have to be an exercise in self-denial—really. Inventive chefs are devising ways to make rich-tasting food without the fat, salt and sugar. “

Client: Restaurant Eve


The New York Times

If There’s Smoke, There’s a Bartender

“Mixologists have been using mezcals and peaty Scotches to slip a little smoky flavor into their potions for some years. But today many bartenders will settle for nothing less than actual smoke.”

Client: PX


Entrepreneur Magazine

How One Celeb-centric Startup is Cashing in on the Guided Travel Sector

“Matches parents with experienced nannies already booked on the same flight who can help take care of kids during air travel.”

Client: Nanny in the Clouds


Sydney Morning Herald

No kidding on long-haul flights

“While the kindness of strangers when flying long-haul with babies and toddlers is enough to make any sleep-deprived parent shed a tear of gratitude, one businesswoman wants to connect families and helpers in the air in a more formal fashion.”

Client: Nanny in the Clouds 


New York Times

Keeping the Peace in Coach

“Still the idea seemed a good one to Julie Melnick of California, who said she was unable to get help with her bags while boarding a plane with her baby several years ago. “I asked a gate agent to help me, and he said, ‘Ma’am, that’s your personal belongings.’ ” The experience led Ms. Melnick, a public relations consultant, to create Nanny in the Clouds, an online market that connects traveling parents with people on the same flight who might be interested in making some money baby-sitting for a child at 36,000 feet.”

Client: Nanny in the Clouds